Garden offices and studios are all the rage at the moment, largely due to increasing numbers of people working from home. And here at Wonkee Donkee Forest Garden we’ve certainly noticed a surge in interest in our log cabins as home owners look to create extra living space.

However, with the coldest time of the year approaching, you need to choose carefully if you’re intending to use your cabin all year round.  Here’s what to look for:

Walls: Insulation is vital, so the thicker, the better. The Mendip cabin, pictured above, has 44mm thick walls made from high quality timber which has been kiln dried to reduce the risk of warping.

Floor: It’s tempting to skimp on this to save cash, but a thin floor won’t provide much protection from cold weather and can allow damp to spread up from underneath. The floor of the Mendip cabin is 28mm thick and feels reassuringly solid.

Roof: When the winter gales start, you’ll be glad of a good solid roof overhead. The one on the Mendip is 19mm thick, so isn’t going to get blown away any time soon. It also has a two-foot overhang to provide some shelter around the door.

Windows: If natural light is particularly important to you, pick a (double-glazed) cabin with large windows and glass doors to make the most of what daylight there is in the winter months.

More tips and advice are available on our website, so have a browse through our log cabin section and see which one appeals to you.