Just like our clothes, shoes, phones and even cars, interior design changes all the time to reflect current fashions. One particularly popular trend we have noticed recently at Wonkee Donkee Richard Burbidge is for glass stair balustrades.

It’s easy to see why glazed staircase panels have become so sought-after. Glass allows natural light to flow freely, making rooms appear larger than they really are, so makes an ideal addition to smaller or poorly lit properties. Previously restricted mainly to new-builds, glass is now frequently used in older homes to provide a quirky modern twist and open up cramped hallways.

Our stair panels are made from toughened safety glass which can either be secured with metal clamps or slotted into pre-cut grooves in the railings, according to the staircase range chosen and personal taste. Glazed balustrade options are available with the Fusion, Elements and Immix stair part collections – see our website to find out more.

For more choices, including complete staircases and the opportunity to order bespoke glass stair panels, take a look at our sister company Pear Stairs.