We enjoyed a trip down memory lane over the Christmas period, when one of the most memorable episodes of DIY SOS: The Big Build aired again on the BBC. The reason for our interest was the involvement of sister company Pear Stairs, which offered to help out Nick Knowles and co by supplying a new staircase for a widowed father and his young daughter.

Originally shown late in 2016, the programme featured Joe Grafton, a widowed ex-firefighter, and his seven-year-old daughter Lucy, who were cooped up a tiny caravan in the garden of their semi-derelict cottage in Hopesay, south Shropshire, following a series of tragedies which left them in a desperate situation.

After Joe’s wife Jess died suddenly he was left to cope alone with the renovation of their home, which needed a great deal of work. Money was in short supply however, as an accident had recently forced Joe to give up the job he loved. A crippling blow came when a stream was discovered under the foundations. Work to tackle the damp left the property an empty shell, with only half a staircase, bare walls, no kitchen, bathroom or bedrooms, and nowhere for Lucy to play.

But villagers rallied round, and concerned neighbours wrote to the producers of DIY SOS: The Big Build for help. TV presenter Nick Knowles and an army of volunteers swept in and completed all the renovation works, inside and out, in just nine days. They even persuaded Severn Trent to install a mains water supply so Joe wouldn’t have to keep using the old well.

The team at Pear Stairs chipped in to help the project by designing, constructing and fitting a smart new wooden staircase free of charge to replace the old stairs, which were partly missing and too dangerous to use. At last, the upper floor could be reached without a stepladder! Joe’s reaction was quite a tear-jerker – you can read more about the episode here.

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